Only 8 anglers per week will fish this magnificent area of more than 100kms of crystal clear waters.

Kendjam Lodge's accommodations are comfortable wood Jungle lodge with 5 double occupancy wood cabins with spring box beds, private bathroom, hot water and electric light. The lodge is located in a wonderful Sandy beach area in front of a gorgeous pool of Iriri river, 45kms downstream of the Kendjam community. 

Solar panels provide full electric power every night, Satellite Internet, Wireless connection and phone service are provided for you. Daily Laundry service is provided at no extra charge.

Enjoy our exquisite food, prepared by our dedicated chef. Wines, Spirits, Bottled water, Soft Drinks and juices will complete the beverage list on camp. 

If you are an adventurous angler, we will provide a one or two-night out camp location to reach the far and most wild areas of Iriri upstream or downstream the lodge.

Accommodations & Services