August 20, 2018

Kendjam 2018 Season Fishing Report

Kendjam Fishing Report
Week 5
Dates: August 12-19, 2018

Water Conditions

Water Color: crystal clear, emerald green
Water Level: ranged through the week: stable
Water Temperature: 25-28°C

Weather Conditions

Temperature Range: 22-30°C
Weather: Rain every night, and sun with scattered showers during the day

Best Flies: streamers, dry flies, and poppers

Total Number of Fish Landed This Week: 192


Biggest Fish Landed This Week:

Peacock bass………61 cm
Bicuda……………….74 cm
Matrinxã……………..50 cm
Trairão……………….82 cm and 18lbs
Pacú borracha……...40 cm


This week we had a great group hosted by Mike Michalak from The Fly Shop and Rodrigo Salles from Untamed Angling. The highlights were the two camp expeditions made during the week:  one with Ben, Mike, Bill, and Kevin, and the other with Roger and his lovely wife Zane. While Roger was on the water, Zane enjoyed non-angling activities, including hiking jungle trails and a personalized painting experience with the Kayapo women and hosted by Jessica.

As far the fishing – well, it’s Kendjam, so as always, the variety and quantity of fish were good, but this week we had crazy wolfish madness. On two different days, big wolfish attacked hooked peacock bass, and they simply cut them to pieces. Kudos to the fishing partners who took the chance to cast to these monsters. Two well-placed flies, and boom — a peacock bass and wolfish double!