September 16, 2019

Kendjam 2019 Season Fishing Report

Kendjam Lodge - Iriri River
2019 Season
Fishing Report – Week 10 – September 1-8

The weather this week was very hot during the day with some brief rain at night. Temperatures ranged between 32-34C.

River Conditions: The water levels on the Iriri River have decreased throughout the season, and water conditions are now very low. While this creates some challenges for getting boats up and downstream, it also means we have ideal conditions for wading and sight fishing.

Fishing Conditions: The week started a little slow in terms of catch numbers, but the fishing got better throughout the week, especially after moving to find better water and camping.

Fishing Stats:

Number of anglers:
Total number of fish landed during the week: 245

Biggest fish landed in this week:

Peacock Bass: 65cm
Payara: 85cm
Wolf Fish: 82cm
Rubber Pacu: 43cm
Silver Pacu: 40cm
Matrinxã: 44cm
Jacundá: 34cm
Bicuda: 78cm

Highlight of the Week: Our guests had a lot of opportunities to catch payara this week, with many fish chasing flies and some fish lost in battle. The action increased before some rain, right when the sky turned cloudy. It seemed the payara liked this change in light. When this happens, we are ready for action!