July 20, 2021

Kendjam 2021 Season Fishing Report | Week 2

Week #2 at Kendjam: Great Conditions & Better Results!

Our second week at Kendjam has included another great group of motivated anglers, three being from the USA and two from Brazil. They had great dropping water conditions alongside beautiful sunny days - exceptional dry fly fishing for Matrinxas, our biggest this week taping at 52cm.

This is really the best time of year to throw those big, ugly terrestrial flies, like Fat Alberts, Hoppers, Chernobyl Ants, and anything else that floats high and gets an aggressive eat. There is nothing better than a fish eating topwater in the jungle! The slightly stained color of the water allows us to get a little closer to the fish, casting under trees and close to the banks.

Our guests were excited to land over 400 fish this week, with several healthy peacocks being among them. There are still some open spots later in the season, but not many, so if you are thinking about a trip, act now and contact!

Sight fishing in the jungle has never been this fun, especially this time of year with the variety of species we catch on fly.

Check out a few more of our ‘Big Fish’ stats for the week below:
Total Fish - 407
Wolf Fish: 80 cm.
Peacock Bass: 64 cm.
Mantrinxã: 52 cm.
Pacu Borracha: 39 cm.
Pacu Prata: 30 cm.
Bicuda: 78 cm.

Water Color –Almost clear
Water Level – Dropping
Water Temperature – 24°C

Temperature – 29°C
All beautiful Sunny days

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