July 27, 2021

Kendjam 2021 Season Fishing Report | Week 3

Week #3 at Kendjam: Dry Fly Action at Kendjam!

This week, we had two guests from the USA and three from Brazil.

Water Color –almost Clear
Water Level – Dropping
Water Temperature – 24°C

Temperature – 30°C
All beautiful sunny days.

With five guests this week and over 246 fish land, this amazing week was definitely one of the coolest of our season thus far. The big peacocks are crazy hungry this week, with lots of 60 plus monsters landed on poppers and top water flies.

The low water level dry fly fishing is also unbelievable for pacu and matrinxã. The bite on a topwater fly is something our guests will never forget, and with a few spots still left in the season, they can make it happen.

Contact to make your dreams of catching these fish come true.

The Untamed Pro Fishing Team recorded a new video this week, so stay tuned for some insane footage!

Our off the water highlight this week was the party on Saturday night with the Kayapos. The new dance moves they brought to the table are just on another level!

Check out this week’s big fish stats:

Total number of fish landed in the week: 246

Biggest fish landed in the week
Wolf Fish: 80 cm
Peacock Bass: 63 cm
Matrinxã: 51 cm
Pacu Borracha: 43 cm
Pacu Prata: 30 cm
Bicuda: 81 cm

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