August 10, 2021

Kendjam 2021 Season Fishing Report | Week 5

Week #5: Full House & Plenty of Fish!

Water Color –Clear 
Water Level – Dropping slow
Water Temperature – 26°C

Temperature – 29°C
All beautiful sunny days


We are just halfway through our season, and the water here is crystal clear, so sight fishing for Matrinxa under the trees has been unbelievable! We had a full house this week with 8 total guests from Brazil, and all of them landed over 640 fish in total! 

The dry fly fishing has been red hot, as reflected by our empty bins at the lodge fly shop - they are selling out like fresh Krispy Kreme donuts on a Saturday morning! It is easy to get addicted to Matrinxa on the dry fly when they are as abundant as they are here at Kendjam. 

Another jaguar sighting on the river this week added some excitement to the trip, as well as a tapir sighting! However, the main highlight this week was definitely some clear water and the sight fishing opportunities it provided us. 

The BBQ on the river was also spectacular, accompanied by some beautiful stars for our guests to experience. Check out some more of our stats from the week!

Total number of fish landed in the week – 642

Biggest fish landed in the week:
Wolf Fish: 87 cm 
Peacock Bass: 67 cm 
Mantrinxã: 54 cm 
Pacu Borracha: 43 cm 
Bicuda: 87 cm

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