August 24, 2021

Kendjam 2021 Season Fishing Report | Week 7

WEEK 7 # American Anglers Getting It Done!

Water Color –Super clear 
Water Level – Very low
Water Temperature – 29°C

Temperature – 30°C
Very sunny days.

With a full house of American anglers, this week was unbelievable. There was a black jaguar sighting again and there were two payaras landed by the musky whisperer himself, Chris Lalli.

This week was a fly fishing master class, we had a house full of great anglers that had no mercy on the fish this week! The girls’ boat also landed some huge wolf fish and showed off some amazing dancing moves at our camp party!

With two more weeks left in the season, we are excited to get our guests on some more awesome fish!

Check out some of our big fish stats from this week:
Total number of fish landed in the week: 

Biggest fish landed in the week:
Wolf Fish
: 83cm 
Peacock Bass: 64cm 
Mantrinxã: 46 cm 
Pacu Borracha: 46 cm 
Silver Pacu: 31cm 
Bicuda: 87 cm
Payara: 89cm

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