NEWS     The Kendjam Experience. Coming soon!  |  October 06, 2021

During the coming months on our social networks and channels, we will bring you a visual fishing guide of Kendjam, the most exclusive destination to sight fish and wade the Brazilian Amazon. Kendjam is the complete destination for anglers looking for a place that captures the essence of the jungle. There is no doubt that the crystal clear water and unique experience make this place paradise.

Kendjam is a truly unique place in the Amazon, and there is no better way to show you than our new series, Kendjam Experience.

“Kendjam is a complete destination for those who seek a place that embodies wild jungle fishing. No doubt it is a crystal water paradise and a unique experience for any fly fisherman,” comments Rodrigo Salles, CEO of Untamed Angling Brazil.

Watch the Teaser