NEWS     The Kendjam Experience: Peacock Bass (Episode 2)  |  November 18, 2021

For the upcoming launch of each episode of The Kendjam Experience series, we've released a set Q&A session with our fishing guides about their knowledge about species diversity.

We invite you to watch the video and find below our guides statements about the peacock bass.


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What is the biggest challenge with fishing for this species at Kendjam? What is the advantage that the anglers have to catch this fish while sight fishing?

A Kendjam Peacock Bass is hard to describe. If you have never fished for them, it might be hard to believe what I am going to say, but they were made for a fly rod. It is just an amazing fish to go after, being that they are just a regular peacock bass, but on steroids.

There are none bigger than the big temensesis of course, and they can reach up to maybe 10 pounds. They live and hunt in fast water, so they are incredibly strong and athletic from fighting the current. Sometimes we see them chasing baitfish next to the rapids, so we like to throw poppers at them, and they rarely say no

Rafael Costa | Kendjam Guide


Check out the episode 2