NEWS     The Kendjam Experience: Matrinxa (Episode 3)  |  November 23, 2021

For the upcoming launch of each episode of The Kendjam Experience series, we've released a set Q&A session with our fishing guides about their knowledge about species diversity.

We invite you to watch the video and find below our guides statements about the matrinxã.


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What is the biggest challenge with fishing for this species at Kendjam? What is the advantage that the anglers have to catch this fish while sight fishing?

?Matrinxã are my favorite species to chase at Kendjam, because they are spooky fish, and they require a perfect angle, cast, and hookset in order to catch one.

They come from the Brycon family and can often be found under the trees waiting for insects, hoppers, frogs, and even baitfish to eat. They give a guaranteed strong fight and a series of jumps. They are amazing fish.

Rafael Costa | Kendjam Guide

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