NEWS     The Kendjam Experience: Pacu (Episode 4)  |  December 03, 2021

For the upcoming launch of each episode of The Kendjam Experience series, we've released a set Q&A session with our fishing guides about their knowledge about species diversity.

We invite you to watch the video and find below our guides statements about the Pacu.


What is the biggest challenge with fishing for this species at Kendjam?

One of the great challenges is that these fish live in fast water, so it is necessary to try to keep the fly and fly line positioned with good drift. This style of fishing asks a lot of our anglers, as they need precision and focus to complete this task. Our anglers need good wading boots to walk through the pools, a 9 foot 6wt rod with floating line, and long leaders of 10 feet from 30lbs to 20lbs test. As far as flies, Pacu will take hopper imitations, weighted nymphs with olive, brown, and orange rubber legs, and a variety of sinking and floating fruit flies.


What is the advantage that the anglers have to catch this fish while sight fishing?

When you wade over the rocks you can quickly identify the places where they might inhabit, normally in faster water. As far as sight fishing, you can definitely see them flashing along algae covered rocks, and rising to surface food. This is why dry fly fishing for them can be so effective, and it is amazing to see how they sip flies off the top of the water with the delicacy of a trout, but once they are connected, they are very strong and often jump a few times during the fight.


Lucas De Zan | Kendjam Guide


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