NEWS     The Kendjam Experience: Bicuda (Episode 6)  |  December 17, 2021

For the upcoming launch of each episode of The Kendjam Experience series, we've released a set Q&A session with our fishing guides about their knowledge about species diversity.

We invite you to watch the video and find below our guides statements about the bicuda.


What is the biggest challenge with fishing for this species at Kendjam?

Bicuda are very peculiar fish, their shape is made for fast runs in the water, similar to a torpedo. Most of the time, you are not expecting the attack, but anglers are always pleasantly surprised with the voracity of the attacks. They don’t give up easy, chasing your fly until they get it. Because the mouths of these fish are quite boney, be prepared to give them a good hook set to properly pierce them


What is the advantage that the anglers have to catch this fish while sight fishing?

Although you often can’t see exactly where the bicuda is, there are likely good where you can find them. The junctions of small channels with a faster stretch of river are ideal spots for anglers to cast their poppers. The bicuda will provide memorable attacks on top water.


Allan Pereira | Sales Assistant